On Tuesday night the first club road race of the season took place. There was a strong showing from Maryland with 15 club members competing making up a quarter of the field.
Colin McKee and James Edgar showed form early on in the race trying to form a breakaway in the first lap only to be brought back in by the group. The second group containing Campbell Stewart, David McKee and Ryan Lyttle were chasing hard with the third group breathing down their necks. Coming in to the third lap groups 1 and 2 had merged with the third group not far off. Scratch were chasing hard with Colin McElderry putting his fancy new wheels to good use with big stints on the front.
Coming in to the final lap it looked unlikely that scratch were going to catch the front three groups that had now merged. This provided an incentive for Mark Lyttle who rolled back the years going in to the final sprint to take second place overall. Campbell Stewart proved that he is always a man to be watched in the final straight taking 6th place and David McKee gave a good showing finishing 19th. Other riders who performed well were James Edgar, Mickey Murray and Ryan Lyttle who all finished in the bunch but just didn't have the legs for the final sprint.
Scratch came in a mere 30 seconds down on the main bunch with Colin McElderry first Maryland member home in that group which also contained Bobby Millar.
Well done to David Haire and Steven Bloomer who were making their debuts in the red, blue, white and black. 
*Pictured below: Chairman (Mickey Murray) and top rider in the club this year Colin 'The Golfer' McElderry discussing some pre-race tactics* 

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