Last week was a relatively busy week for the club with 3 days of racing. Last Tuesday night was the Ballydonaghy 5 mile TT in which 9 members of the club took place. Results of note was the Peter Wilson finishing 6th, David McIntyre 8th and the Golfer 16th. In other results Young Murray won the family battle and David won the battle of the Mckee brother, however Splodge did win the sprint for the line....take of that what you may....

On Saturday 5 club members took part in the John Beggs Memorial in Dromore. I took part and came 18th in the A4 race, Ricky finished in the top 10 in the A3, Golfer finished in the top 15 and Andy finished in the top 20. Alan McCullough also took part in the Masters race but his result was unconfirmed. 

On Sunday, Ricky and Andy took part in the Tour of the Mournes but we have yet to hear of any race reports or notable results. Marty Jones also took part in the opening Sportive of the season which was the Tour of Carlingford. 

This week we have the Nutts Corner TT which takes place tonight. Sign on from 6:00PM. 

And Club runs as usual. 
Wednesday Night 6:30pm at DR
Saturday 9:30am at DR
Sunday 9:00am at Bow Stree Mall.

I would also like to point out that we are in the process of getting a woman's run going. Please contact for more details or if you know of anyone who would be interested please tell them to get in contact.

Have a good week folks,
And remember....'It doesn't get any easier, you just get faster'



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