Six months has come and gone from the tragic events on August 12th 2008 which resulted in the death of our friend 'David McCall'. For many that time has passed quickly but for his family, loved ones and close friends his death and absence remains fresh in their minds, as they all for different reasons learn to cope with his loss.


From a cycling perspective his non appearance during the winter training runs and at the opening season reliabilities has been a sad reminder of the huge loss cycling has suffered. Davy always enjoyed them and he had become an ever present supporter of the reliabilities trials, his favourite reliability being Maryland's which he often referred to as 'The Grand National'. However, he might not have been there in body but as the sun shone down on the peleton I could hear his name raised in conversation as riders shared their thoughts and memories of the 'Big Fella'.




From a club point of view his industriousness, positive and often brash attitude towards cycling has been missed, the full extent of which I don't believe Maryland and cycling as a whole have experienced yet. Someday, somewhere, someone will say, "I wonder what McCall would do?" or "Davy would have done it this way". I'm certain that Davy's past ideas and methods will still influence future club if not provincial cycling decisions.


On a slightly lighter note, I can recall on a club training ride a year or two ago, where a club rider confronted Davy with the question, "Well Davy what mischief are you planning today?" I still smile at that phrase as it described Davy's antics and prankster like behaviour to a 'T', he was always in search of the next laugh, our problem was making sure it was not at our expense. Punctuality was never Davy's strong point, he was notoriously late especially for anything to do with club. At the club run assembly points I believe that if every Maryland member was asked, "Did you ever find yourself thinking that you were still waiting on Davy?" the answer would be a firm "Yes". 


Many of those within and outside the Cycling Ulster fraternity are now aware that a foundation has been established in his name, to 'Support Cycling in Ulster'. The success and sustainability of that foundation is down to the funds that are generated and kindly donated by you, without your financial help the foundation will not have the ability to provide the support to those making a real contribution to cycling within our province.


The foundation has had a significant response with regard to donations. The funds have been raised from a wide spectrum of sources; there have been anonymous contributions, ballot collections, proceeds raised from a collection at Sean Downeys 18th Birthday party which I personally found very humbling to the point were I ran a Marathon in aid of the foundation. Ironically, there was considerable funds raised at the Dave Kane, Phoenix and Maryland reliabilities all events that Davy enjoyed and participated in.




It must be highlighted that these people and clubs didn't have to make donations but they did believing that the foundation may promote, assist and encourage cycling in Ulster, their generosity and belief has not gone unnoticed. The foundation steering committee would like to thank everyone for their donations and efforts, and they would also like to take the opportunity to reassure everyone that they remain focused on 'Supporting Cycling in Ulster'. If it gives someone an opportunity, encourages somebody to take up cycling or makes cycling safer then the David McCall Foundation can be seen as successful, For how long?, Well the answer lies with you.