Foundation Supports Donegal Ladies Team


This was my second year competing in the Donegal three day. Its a superb race, well run by the four masters club and provides every sort of challenge that you would want in a stage race, hard roads, hard hills and more hard hills. What better way to spend your weekend!

The first stage began well until the first climb when my chain came off and realising there wasn't any hope of it working its way back on i reluctantly climbed off, fixed the mechanical and started chasing. I got into a small group and finished the stage about 3minutes down on the lead bunch. Not the start I had hoped for!  The second day  began with a time trial followed by a 55 mile road stage in the afternoon. With no attacks staying away it was left until the final climb to break the group up.  I finished in the second group 49 seconds down on the leaders. Day 2 was over but the worst was still to come in the form of glengesh tomorrow. A swim in the sea and some food and i felt more ready to face the day ahead!  Having ridden the race the year before  i knew what to expect, a long steep road winding its way up the mountain, fine for a mountain goat, not so fine on bike. It was probably worse this year as I knew what to expect and it didn't disappoint. It was harder and steeper than I remembered.  I can remember hearing Tommy lamb shout at me to see if I needed water but to be quite honest  it was hard enough breathing at that moment let alone speak.  After glengesh there were two more climbs to negotiate before the 10km undulating road into the finish.  There's nothing more pleasing to see than Killybegs village at the end of the 3rd stage.

The womens team all performed well and should take great encouragement from finishing the race when many men did not! I would like to thank the David McCall foundation for supporting the women at this event.  Davy was a great encourager and always ready to hand out advice and tips to anyone who wanted to improve and progress in their cycling. Racing in the cycling Ulster jersey with the backing of the foundation is extra special for me and all the more motivating.

Hopefully this will provide the girls with the encouragement to race in more events this year and also to make a return to the hills of Donegal next year!