Maryland Wheelers Cycling Club


(September 2014)



1 Name

The club will be called Maryland Wheelers, referred to hereafter as ‘The Club’ and be affiliated to the UCI recognized Governing Body, Cycling Ireland.

2 Objectives and Policies

2.1. The objectives of the club shall be to organize and promote cycling orientated activities, without discrimination. It shall be club policy to offer opportunities to participate in cycling to all sections of the community.

2.2. To operate a child protection policy which conforms to the requirements of Cycling Ireland and other relevant agencies.

2.3. To promote drugs free participation in cycling in accordance with the requirements of, Cycling Ireland, the UCI and the World Anti-Doping Agency. (see Appendix)

2.4. To adhere to policies adopted by the Governing Body. For additional information see the Appendix

3 Officers

3.1 The office bearers of the club shall be Honorary Life Member(s), President, Vice-President(s) (unspecified), plus the Principal Officers who shall be Chairman, Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Ass Secretary, Open Race Secretary and Club Race Secretary and Communications Officer.

3.2 The election of President, Vice –President(s) and Honorary members will take place at the AGM.  In order to be appointed, the nominee must have 2/3 of the votes from those who are present at the meeting

4 Committee

4.1 The Committee will be made up of:

  • Chairman
  • Hon. Secretary,
  • Treasurer, ,
  • Open Race Secretary,
  • Club Race Secretary,
  • Communications Officer
  • a minimum of three and maximum of seven members who must be elected from the body of the club at the AGM

All Committee members must be paid up cycling members of the club and of Cycling Ireland.

4.2 Each committee member shall have one vote with a casting vote being carried by the Chairman.

4.3 The committee shall be responsible for:

  • Races
  • Events
  • Club Runs
  • Finance
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children
  • Approval of membership applications
  • All club events open to other cyclists outside the club

4.4 The committee shall appoint sub-committees and co-opt members on to the sub - committees as deemed necessary.


5.1. The committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting which will be held in December. At least one month’s notice must be given of this meeting.

5.2. Notices of motion(s) regarding changes to the constitution must be given 21 days prior to this meeting. Members should be advised seven days prior to the meeting of the notices of any motion(s).

5.4. All paid-up members, clear of Club suspension, shall be entitled to attend and vote. Voting shall be by show of hands or by an electronic vote.

5.5. The election of officers shall be by simple majority.

5.6    Two-thirds majority of those voting are required to change any constitutional rule ( see Appendix).

6 General and Special Meetings

6.1. The club committee may call General Meetings at any time. At least two weeks notice of such meetings must be given. A General Meeting shall be open to all club members and shall merely be a forum to discuss important issues and allow an exchange of views.

6.2. The committee and any paid-up member of the club (on submission of a written request to the secretary, giving a minimum 14 days’ notice) may call for a Special Meeting. The club member’s written submission must also contain the signatures of 10 fully paid-up members and the reason for the meeting. The committee shall decide on the most appropriate way of gathering votes on any particular issue. This may include a show of hands at a meeting or electronic voting system. The committee will also decide on the majority required.

7 Annual subscription / Membership

7.1. Club subscriptions shall be fixed annually by the committee. The period of annual membership shall run from January 1st to December 31st.


7.2. Club members must also be a member of CI. This is to ensure that ever member has as a minimum requirement, Third Party Liability insurance.


7.3. Membership payment must be submitted to the Club Treasurer. The committee reserves the right to veto an application.


7.4 Only club members may participate in club run events which includes, training, racing and marshaling.


8 Discipline

The club committee shall have the right to suspend members for misconduct or breach of Club, World Governing body or National Governing body rules.

9 Racing

9.1. The Club shall promote cycling events for all its members. The committee will produce a calendar of events for each year. The calendar will be made available using all accessible media.

9.2. Competitive events will be organized and run under the rules of the governing bodies.

9.3. Any amendments to competition rules will be made available in a supplementary document for the relevant event.

9.4. Trophy winners shall, upon receipt of same, be made responsible for them for the period in which they are to be held.


10 Finance

10.1. The Club Treasurer shall give regular reports on the financial   standing of the Club and an annual report at the club AGM.

11 Dissolution of Club

Upon the winding up of the Club, where possible all assets shall be handed over to nominated sports clubs or to support sport related initiatives within the area served by Lisburn City Council. Any residual assets will be offered to officers of the national governing body to be used solely for the promotion of cycling.

12 Club Kit

The club colours are Black, Blue, Red, White.  These colours must be represented in the club kit.  Any change to the club kit must be voted on by club members



(Ratified at an EGM held on the 29th May 2014)




Anti doping policy.

All riders, especially those intending to compete at championship level, must acquaint themselves with the list of prohibited substances which is regularly updated by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). The basic position adopted by the authorities is that riders are responsible for what they take, whether it be by accident or design. Riders should be especially careful about taking supplements and certain over the counter treatments for colds and flu. Riders with a chronic medical condition, such as asthma, who take regular medication, may be required to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption certificate. Details are available from the anti-doping officer in Kelly Roche House or through the Sport Council Northern Ireland. Should a rider be pronounced positive following the application of proper procedures and sanctions then imposed by the governing bodies, the club reserves the right to suspend membership or take whatever disciplinary action they decide to be appropriate.

Further information on prohibited substances and testing arrangements can be obtained from and
The club shall commit itself to all relevant policies, Codes of Conduct, Ethics and statements of good practice, along with detailed technical regulations, that are adopted by the governing bodies. These can be read on Cycling Ireland’s website at



(1) For the purposes of this document a rule is an instruction or statement specifying a particular course of action that must be followed. Some rules are contained in the constitution, stating procedures and defining powers and rights. These may only be changed or added to at an AGM or following a Special Meeting summoned to discuss a specific issue. Constitutional rules are contained in sections 1, 3 – 8 inclusive and 10 of this document.

(2) Other rules, for example, those specified by the governing body or the UCI, will be adopted as a matter of course and will not require formal adoption by a club meeting. Rules dealing with the organizing of the club calendar, recording of results and determination of trophies and awards, shall be drawn up and amended by the committee.

1. The committee, as the body responsible for the running of the club, may make any other decision it considers to be in the club’s interest, subject to the constraints mentioned in paragraphs (1) and (2).